Meet Our Crew


Our bears are made with pride in Vermont — all 1267 stitches of them! We're delighted to introduce you to some of our Bear Crew and share their Bear Stories with you. Each has a hand in bringing the finest quality Bears to your loved ones.

"Bringing a Bear idea to market for our customers is such a great experience!"
Job: Bears to Business, 4 years
Favorite Bear: 20" World’s Softest Bear

"My favorite part about working here at Vermont Teddy Bear, is the big smile I get from others when I tell them where I work. There's something about teddy bears that makes people, young and old, light up and smile. The most common comment I receive is "you are so lucky you get to work with teddy bears all day." And its true, I am lucky!"
Job: Bear Mail, 10 years
Favorite Bear: 15" Misfit Bear

"When I first came to VTB I thought I would stay awhile while looking for other work. My past experience in the manufacture of military fighting aircraft for the Space Shuttle seemed out of sync with the manufacture of teddy bears. I discovered that VTB is a company filled with good people creating things that make people happy. I have met people with creativity and artistry which was new for me. VTB has an atmosphere of friendliness while still striving to constantly improve. I have stopped checking the job listings. I am exactly where I want to be."
Job: The Man Behind The Curtain, 4 years
Favorite Bear: Smoldering Red. It has deep maroon fur,the color has a richness to it and it just looks well made. I have two of them.

"I still have my first bear, Bandit. He originally belonged to my father, who passed away when I was ten. After inheriting Bandit that little brown bear helped me through a lot as I grew up - keeping me grounded, always ready with bear hugs, and to this day he proudly watches over me from the shelf."
Job: All Things Social, 1 year
Favorite Bear: B-Rex

"My first bear was a 15" Vanilla Vermont Teddy Bear given to me when I was born. "Papa Bear" went everywhere with me and was always tucked under my arm at night. I vividly remember waking up one winter morning to find my beloved bear's head had come off-- it was lying on my bedroom floor. I was so upset, Mom allowed me to skip school and go to the VTB Factory to admit him to the hospital. Dr. Helen was busy fixing other injured bears. She stopped everything to fix Papa Bear, on the spot. I will never forget her. I left with my bear, good-as-new, with the determination to work here someday. And here I am. I joined VTB in 2006. Now, I get to help kids of all ages choose their new best friend or "nurse" a cherished old one."
Job: Bear Shop, 10 years
Favorite Bear: My Vanilla Bear, “Pappa”

"When I received my 5th Vermont Teddy Bear for graduation from UVM, I realized it was kismet. 15 years later, I have a house full of Bears and baby "Baers" plus a job that gives me the opportunity to send millions of bear hugs across the country every year. I couldn't ask for anything more"
Jason Baer
Job: Marketing Hot Shot, 15 years
Favorite Bear: 6’ Giant Hunka® Love

"I love knowing that our Little Hero Bear is going to bring a child comfort in a time of need."
Job: Our Hero
Favorite Bear: Little Hero® Bear

"From a creative point of view, I like that things are always changing. There's always a lot going on, so it's never boring."
Job: Arty Type, 6 years
Favorite Bear: Beer My Valentine

"I fell in love with the surroundings when I came to interview - from the fun and colorful exterior to the magic of the Bear Shop where the Teddy Bears come to life. The best part of my work day is helping make memories and put smiles on the faces of kids of all ages!"
Job: Bear Shop, 6 years
Favorite Bear: 15” Maple Bear with Blue Eyes

Meet Our Stitchers


Our Bear craftspeople are as unique and extraordinary as our Bears. They come from all over the globe, from Nepal to former Yugoslavia to Colchester, Vermont. They are some of the most skilled stitchers and sewers around, and without them we would not be able to create our unique Bears.


"I can remember when we made the Bears at home," says Pam, an assembler and hand stitcher who has been a part of the company for over twenty years. “I stuffed and stitched Bears right in my living room.”

Cvijeta made a beloved hobby her full-time job. "I have always loved to sew," she says, "but I was trained as an accountant, so I wasn’t able to do much. When I came to America, I saw the opening for a seamstress here at Teddy Bear. In three weeks’ time, I was sewing Teddy Bears. Today, I make all the Custom Bears, including their clothes and outfits. It is much more fun than accounting."