Happy Anniversary!

We have a lot of traditions at Vermont Teddy Bear, from our holiday spirit week to our bocce league but our favorite is celebrating an employee’s 10-year anniversary with a custom Teddy Bear. With the help of the employee’s close colleagues our Bear Designer creates a Teddy Bear just for them to highlight their fun, unique and amazing personality. Here are just a few-

Whenever you have a chance to poke fun at your boss in front of the whole company you have to do it. I love that the people I work with know me well enough to create the perfect mini-me. And my bear has Giants tickets - so lucky!

-Adam S., 12 Years at VTB

I enjoy exploring the beauty of Vermont by bike and I was a proud hockey mom for many years. Those might be the only reasons to have a bear dressed in bike gear and wearing hockey skates!!

-Katie L., 16 years at VTB

My Teddy Bear is dressed this way to capture the many outdoor activities I enjoy. In the fall I combine my hiking pastime with foraging for honey mushrooms. The mushroom accessory is my favorite.

-Jack R., 10 years at VTB

I'm a big GOT fan, as are many of my coworkers, and over the course of time a few began referring to me as the Mother of IC, which is why my bear is dressed like Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. Instead of a dragon, my bear comes with a stuffed kitty because I have two cats. She carries a colorful notebook and pen to match my own collection of brightly patterned office supplies.

-Emma L., 10 years at VTB

As an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast my Bear is dressed in on of my classic bicycle outfits. On the weekends and all summer long I love going on long bike rides in Vermont, during the week I jump on my bike and commute to work. My bear also includes a '2nd place' cross country ski medal, this medal represents my continuous 2nd place to my co-worker in the local Wednesday Night ski race.

-Jason B., 15 years at VTB

My husband and I love to ride motorcycles and he owns a powersports vehicle sales and service shop called BC Motorsports to help fuel this love. So in my spare time, I help Brad run his business by doing all of the book keeping. This is why my co-workers designed an iconic motorcycle mama bear for me.

When we purchased a Polaris dealership back in 2006, she accompanied me on the journey and has sat on my desk there every since.

-Monique C., 23 years at VTB

I Survived Ten Years!

The theme behind my bear was that I had survived the extremely busy Holiday sales peaks and Company milestones during my ten years here at VTB. Plus I was a fan of the TV reality show Survivor especially when there was a local contestant, Kathy O'Brien on the show to support.

-Mary S., 25 years at VTB

I Survived Ten Years!

Horses have always been my passion, so I am thrilled to have a Teddy Bear who resembles my horse and me at one of our events. I love how the fur matches the color of my horse and the bear's paw is embroidered with my horse's name "Wallace".

-Cathy C., 22 years at VTB