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M. E. Bears by Wendy Walker

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SIZE:  3 Inches {8cm}
FABRIC: Vintage long pile fabric, green & purple
PAW PADS: Cream ultrasuede
Bear Name: Summer
Price: 65.00
Total  Size is 30cm/12
Bear Name: Breast Friends
Price: 120.00
Materials- Vintage mini bear fabric, tiny 1mm onyx Eyes
Construction - Fully jointed,  stuffed poly
Bear Name: Rhodonite
Price: 20.00
Bears’s  Size
- 11cm/4
Bear Name: Tumble Ted 1
Price: 75.00
SIZE: 3.25
Bear Name: Cappuccino
Price: 65.00


Hi! I am Wendy Walker and I made my very first bear in 1994 from a commercial pattern. By 1995 I was designing my own miniature bears and quickly decided they were to be my favourite size.
I use award winning workmanship and quality materials. I have literally made thousands of bears over the years and am completely self taught.
My bears have their own signature look and I honestly believe this because I learnt to do everything my way...yes the hard way too. But it has been a road traveled full of enjoyment {with some frustration too} and I have met so many, many bear friends along the way.
I think Sassy Fur is the best invention since sliced bread. The short dense pile suits the littlies although I do use mohair as well as vintage long pile fabric. I always get excited when I see my latest baby looking back at me and miss them when they leave to go to their new homes.
Many of my Critters find their way overseas and some even send me a photo of their new adoptive family! Bon Voyage my friends!

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