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Lakeland Teddies by Peggy Petryshyn

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Mohair bear.
Bear Name: Spencer
Price: 0.00
Mohair bear
Bear Name: Taylor
Price: 0.00
Mohair bear
Bear Name: Chelsea
Price: 0.00
Mohair fur bear
Bear Name: Lulu-lemon
Price: 0.00
Synthetic fur bear
Bear Name: Priscilla
Price: 0.00


My name is Peggy Petryshyn. For the past 30 or so years I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have just moved to the Bonnyville, Alberta area and now live with my husband at our lake lot at Moose Lake. The area is called Lakeland which is how I came up with the name "Lakeland Teddies".

When I saw a hand made teddy bear at a craft store, I could not believe that the lady had actually made it. It was perfect. I decided to try it. I amazed myself and my family and friends with my first teddy bear. From then on, there was no stopping. It has become an obsession and a lot of fun.

I make teddies from synthetic fur, mohair and recycled fur coats.

I also make personalized teddies for special occasions. Some examples are for new baby, good luck wishes, get well wishes, best friend, birthday, graduation, wedding etc. I also make teddies that come with tags containing inspirational messages or personal messages written by the buyer.

All of my bears come from a smoke free environment and have their own identification card to indicate they are an original.

Please e-mail me for more information. I will help you decide on the right teddy for that special person.

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