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Izzy's Cubs by Izzy Shaw

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These are some of my mohair bears. Each is one-of-a-kind.
Bear Name: Mohair Bears
Price: 0.00
These chaps are posing bears made from recycled fabrics and dressed in toddlers clothes. SO huggable
Bear Name: Garrath & Matthew
Price: 0.00
This beautiful lady is made of winter white mohair. Her cape is organza covered velvet edged with fu
Bear Name: The Snow Queen
Price: 0.00
This a British Policeman bear made on commission for a real policemans passing out ceremony gift.
Bear Name: PC Bear
Price: 0.00
This hug of 4 bears was made from three coats that had belonged to a much loved Aunt who had sadly p
Bear Name: "Keepsake Bears"
Price: 0.00
34, Sharphaw Avenue
Skipton,North Yorkshire BD23 2QJ

I design and make one-of-a-kind bears, fairies, monkeys and other creatures. I have also been restoring bears etc for collectors, museums, dealers and the general public for over 30 years. I take commissions for special bears special events, retirements, weddings baptisms etc. Another service I provide is to make a Bear from a cherished item of clothing that may have belonged to a person who has passed away, or that reminds you of a special occasion. These I call my "Keepsake Bears". I use many different materials when making my bears, from mohair to recycled fabrics. I also make tiny creatures from needle felting and some crocheted monkeys, bears etc. This way there is something for everyone and every pocket in my collections.

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