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Rufnut Teddy's


My name is Karen Salton, I live in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia which is on the doorstep of the Macedon Ranges. The closest capital city is Melbourne.

I was always a avid knitter and cross stitcher, until about 2 and a half years ago. I currently design and create handmade mohair teddy bears, and needle felted soft critters.

As a child I always had a favorite teddy, but up until a few years ago, I was introduced to Australian and International Artist bears through a show called TVSN which displayed some quirky Australian Artist handmade bears which were so much more realistic then manufactured bears. Then after discovering some teddy bear magazines at the local Newsagency and reading the patterns, I purchased a magazine, then purchased a kit, thinking that I could do this, after I finished my first piece with satisfaction I was then hooked big time, the rest is history.

I have since attended some workshops with some fabulous and famous Australian Bear Artists, and created my own designs and entered some shows with some success. It never ceases to amaze me how something so fluffy can bring so much joy and love. One of my greatest thrills was giving my son's teacher a thank you teddy bear for her teaching year, and to find out how much she adored her gift.

Typically I make bears ranging from about 10cm (4 inches) to about 35cm (14 inches), using the best quality German Schulte Mohair, Alpaca Mohair, and other quality materials, I have also been making needle felted characters for about 12 months from Corriedale Wool. Some of my bears have been shown, but not sold at trade or bear shows in the past. I prefer to concentrate on making one of a kind bears with a theme, normally undressed bears and of late some dressed bears. Bears and characters are recommended for collectors only and are not suited to children under the age of 5 due to the number of small items that may come loose due to rough play, which are a health hazard, all items are also highly flammable.

If you wondered how my label of Rufnut Teddy's was created, it was my husband's nickname of Rufnut as a young child, given to him by a family friend, for his mischievous ways, and crazy messy hair, I fancied the name and wonderful ring to it.

Currently working full time with a family, hubby and two children I manage to do my bear making in my spare time.

Consignment orders, comments, questions and feedback are welcome. Thanks for visiting my site please feel free to drop by and sign my guestbook on the home page as feedback is very important. As most artists can be their own worst critics its nice to be reassured sometimes.

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