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Teddy Bear Artist

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Princess4Paws Designs and Creations

Apopka,Florida 32712

I have been creating miniature Teddy Bears and Teddy Bear friends since July, 2005. My collectible creations are made from a variety of threads and fibers. Most of my crochet creations are three inches or less in height, and are five-way jointed, with the head being disc and cotter pin jointed. Many of my little bears are dressed in what I call “Party Dresses”. These dresses are removable. Most of the little dresses for my bears have a tiny crocheted and thread sculpted rose on the front center of the dress collar. Many of my little bears have foot/paw pads in colors to match their dresses. Some have little blankets or quilts. Others may live in a tiny teacup, be dressed in PJs, or just be natural tiny Teddies with a collar or ribbon. My miniature Teddy Bears and Teddy Bear friends are filled with love and hugs, and also some special stuffing or wool.

My needle felted sculptures can be a bit larger, and have less jointing. I created my first needle felted sculpture, "Early Bird (Earl E. Burd) Catches the Worm", as an entry for the 2007 Thread Artist Guild® Annual Award Challenge. I was honored by being judged the 1st Pace Winner. My second needle felted sculpture, Princess Cali–Seahorse Royalty, has been voted a finalist in the 2007 URSA Awards.

I pay special attention to the details given to each creation. All of my Princess4Paws™ creations are completely handmade by me, Thread and Fiber Artist, Marge Wiese. Some of my creations may look similar, but I always change something in the thread, fiber, size or design.

Princess4Paws™ creations can be seen each month in the on-line magazine dedicated to the tiny Teddy Bear World, "Mini Teddy Hugs". I am an Artist Member of the Thread Artist Guild®.

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