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Pat Bears by Patty Demper


In April 1997 I got the bear fever, which is well known by bear friends. I bought a piece of upholstery fabric and made my first bear called Firsty. Firsty, which can be seen on this website, wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. But I didn't give up and made another bear and another... By this time the bears became more beautiful and I wanted to pass on the skill of making bears to others. The idea emerged to give courses. Via an exhibition I came into contact with my first students and because they were very enthusiastic, many courses followed. For the courses I needed sample bears and kits with material, patterns and so on for the bears to be created. Soon I didn't like to make kits of existing patterns and started to design my own. Now all kits are Pat Bears design (see the symbol in the Gallery pages). My stock of bears grew a bit big and some bears are therefore looking for a new owner. Of course this must be a nice new boss for the bear. All bears are unique because I don't like to make the same bear twice.

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