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Carson Creations by Wanda Carson


My husband of 33 years and I live on a small acreage located in the middle of a huge cornfield in west central Illinois. We enjoy and care for several Pygmy goats, five cats, one dog and one horse. We both agree we should have had the grandchildren before the children as we truly enjoy them above all else.

I have been blessed with imagination and creativity which I used during my youth for drawing, painting and sewing. Teddy bears came in a roundabout way. I began making soft-sculptured dolls during the �cabbage patch� craze and selling them at local craft shows. One particular folk art doll was designed to hold a small, muslin teddy bear. I didn�t care for the pattern of the small bear and created my idea of a bear worthy of the doll. Thus my teddy bear creations began. During the hot summer of 1995, I attended a bearmaking class and created my first mohair teddy bear. My thirst for knowledge of teddy bear making was slowly, but not entirely satisfied, by numerous books, magazines and observations of artist bears. I officially started creating artist bears in the year of 1996 and have enjoyed them since. Of course you can�t make teddy bears without collecting a few. I also have a small collection of artist teddy bears.

Working full time limits the number of bears I can produce and the number of shows I can attend. I do have bears selling at the Amana Colonies in Iowa at Fern Hill and at Gallery REGARDS in France. For the past two years I have cheerfully donated a bear to the Ronald McDonald Auction held in New York state. I have been honored to have �Pokee�, an off-white and brown panda, nominated for the 2003 Golden Teddy Award. Several of my bears have appeared in �Teddy Bear and Friends� and �Teddy Bear Review�.

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