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Bears by Ann


From the heart of “The Summer Wine Country” in West Yorkshire, come these beautiful miniature bears.

Each bear is an individual, constructed from the finest American upholstery velvet 0r English mohair with suede-like paws.

From start to finish, each miniature can take up to 7 hours to complete, however it can be longer, if I am unhappy with the finished bear I will often redo the face or move the ears, whatever it takes to produce a pleasing final look.

Even though I start each bear using my own same patterns, as they are constructed they begin to take on a personality of their own, therefore each bear is a unique and collectable item.

The bears are thread jointed and firmly stuffed, they are also weighted which gives them a more ‘lifelike’ feel.

Their eyes are black onyx beads and their mouths and noses are embroidered.

I also sign each bears foot and add the year of birth.

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