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Bearkidz by Marion Fraile


My name is Marion Fraile and I am the designer and maker of bearkidz® bears.

I am proud to have received in 2007 both Awards: the TOBY Public's Choice Award and the TOBY Industry’s Choice Award for my crocheted bear Matilda. In 2006 I won the TOBY Industry's Choice Award for my crocheted bear Carlton. I was also a finalist in the British Reader’s Choice Award competition held by Teddy Bear Scene in 2005 and 2006 .

My work has been featured in many leading international bear magazines like Teddy Bear and Friends, Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Bear Scene and the German magazines TEDDYS and TEDDYS Kreativ. My bear Carlton was also the cover bear of the German magazine TEDDYS 02/2006.

About my work

All my bearkidz®-babies are crocheted without use of any pattern. I “work as I go” and “sculpt” my bears giving them their shape during the process of crocheting by adjusting and changing the number of stitches used.

It takes weeks to finish a bear as I don’t have a piece of fabric to work with but rather have to create my fabric with many, many tiny stitches, stitch by stitch.

Whenever I start crocheting a new bearkidz® I start by selecting fibers/threads which I believe will make an interesting “fur”.

I also combine very often completely different colors to achieve the most unique coat. Sometimes a thread has tiny color dots or sometimes comes with a shiny metallic thread worked in.

Most of my bears come accessorized and with outfits individually designed and handmade for each bear by me.

My bears are truly one-of-a-kind with each one having their own personality and characteristics.

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