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B A Bears


Hi my name is barbara and my husband name is paul.when i left school i spent two years training to become a sewing machinest.i spent most of my working life in the textile industry making all sorts of cloths. from british rail,army,ambulance,wax jackets, blouses, skirts,all sorts of thing over the years. i finished at the last place i worked on quailty control repairing slight faults on embroidery. so i know that quailty is very important and i hope that this shows in the creations that i make.when i was made redundant approx four years ago i decided to go into business myself. this is how b.a.bears was born the name comes from my intials. i was going to trade as barbara ann bears but that name is already being used. i hope you enjoyed reading this bit about b.a.bears and hope to see you around the fairs

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