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Alive Again Bears by Sherri Creamer


Alive Again Bears is the recycled fur teddy bear division of "A Maggie Bear Original by Sherri" which is named after my beautiful Irish Wolfhound who came down with cancer at 4 years old. I made my first teddy bear from a kit during her chemotherapy period. I created the Original Maggie Bears as gifts to thank those friends and neighbors who participated in her recovery. Everyone who saw this special teddy bear encouraged me to continue making teddy bears. Initially I made my teddy bears from plush and mohair but I discovered that I enjoyed the challenge of working with recycled fur the most.

Mine is a home based business began in July 1996. I do every step in making my teddy bears from beginning to end. Currently most of my business is working with recycled fur creating new patterns and designs. About 30 % of the business is making Elegant Heirloom Bears from mink and fox, allowing me to transform Vintage Furs into Lasting Memories. The rest of my business is creating teddy bears from all kinds of recycled fur such as curly lamb, sheepskin, raccoon, opossum, brushed beaver as well as mink and fox.

I love making fur bears because as I sculpt each face, different personalities emerge. Most of my bears are one of a kind and many times I can picture what the face will look like because of type, color and length of fur. After I made my first recycled fur teddy bears, people remarked that they looked alive again, thus the name Alive Again Bears. I have done shows in California, Arizona and Nevada, Maryland, Oregon, New York City and upstate New York. Stores in California, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, New York, New Jersey and Virginia have purchased my bears.

My business is based on Faith, Love, and Respect of all living things. I believe no animal deserves to die to make a coat but the recycling of these fur coats is my way in bringing the animals back to life.

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