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Teddy Bear Artist List

Hisorical represents artists who no longer design bears or their web pages no longer function
Search results alphabetically by company name. Artists who have updated there pages, receive higher priority.

Teddy Bear ArtistWebDescriptionImageHistorical
Waggle Bears by Marlys WaggleWDI
Walnut Tree Corner Bears by Gail ParsonsWDI
Wanderer BearsWDI
Wee Bears by Joanne NoelWDI
Wee Darlin Bears by WendyWDI
Whendi's Bears by Wendy MeagherWDI
White Forest BearsWDI
Wild Thyme Originals by Kim BastaWDI
Wisdom BearsWDI
Woodbury Park Bears by Raewyn ToddWDI
Walkabout Bears by Susan HattonWDI
Warren BearsWDI
Wazza Bears by Peta SmartWDI
Wendy Bears by Wendy KoutlisWDI
What Else But Bears by Linda HenryWDI
Wild Creek Bears by Berneice LuckerWDI
Wilde and Woolly Bears by Terry L. SpearWDI
Winklemoor Bears by Elaine MorganWDI
Woodland Teddies by Rita HarwoodWDI
Woodstock Woolly BearsWDI
Wyngarth Bears by Pat BellWDI
Wayneston Bears by Wayne LimW
Wonderland BearsW
Wee SconeI
Williams BearsWX
Woodrow BearsWX





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