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Teddy Bear Artist List

Hisorical represents artists who no longer design bears or their web pages no longer function
Search results alphabetically by company name. Artists who have updated there pages, receive higher priority.

Teddy Bear ArtistWebDescriptionImageHistorical
Hanna Bruce Bears by Hanna HachWDI
Heartfelt Bears by Sonya HeronWDI
Heir Bears by Jane WoodardWDI
Holdingham Bears by Barbara DaughtreyWDI
Handmade by CarrieWD
Hugs Unlimited by Dawn JamesW
Huwi Bears by Corinne LocherW
HiKiddo BearsDI
H.M. BearsWDI
Hager Bears by Donna HagerWDI
Hairy HugsWDI
Hankie Bears by Jean ClementsWDI
Happy Tymes Collection by Beverly WhiteWDI
Harding Syred Bears by Jo DuckworthWDI
Have a Heart by Carla KulkaWDI
Heidel Bears by Heike BoamWDI
Heike Boam and Bears by Heike BoamWDI
Here a Bear There a Bear by Lydia MassarelliWDI
Hill Country Bears by Sandy WilkinsWDI
Hinz Bears by Marta HinzWDI
Holidays by Sandy HolidayWDI
Honeybee bearsWDI
Hoo Bears by Helen OliverWDI
Hucklebeary Patch by JoAnne K HarndenWDI
Hunny, Haycorns and Thistles by Kristie BonnerWDI
Happy Little Souls by Melissa KempWD
Helena Teddy Bears by Helena OberholzerWD
Horsforth BearsWD
Humble Crumble Bears by Vicky AllumWD
Heavenly HugsW
Higgys Bears by EmeliaW
Honeymead Bears
HeartBeat Bears by Marie AshtonWX
Heirloom Teddies by Jenny HaasWX
Honeycups by Barbara CardwellWX
Honigbar by Citra NaglerWX
Hugs by Pat � LLC by Pat KapralWX





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